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When researching for this site, you come across some things that really touch you - and feel it needs to be shared with others. I came across a blog a 15 year old girl had started in February of 2006. It only had 3 entries, before she abandoned it. In the last, this young lady has just learned a 16 year old friend had died in a car accident. This is one of the poems she posted.

From "Gone Too Soon"  To Sasha Shalbot by Mindi Powell

We tried to make you feel welcome
In this humble world of our mothers and fathers.
And it worked, if just for a little while.
Sixteen years, and two months to be exact;
The newness wore off, your soul became slightly uncomfortable.
And now we're left mourning, wanting you back,
It's not ever going to be right, no matter how you died
To bury a friend, seems distant and surreal, in the worst way.
But now, through tears, looking up at the sky,
I bid you a heartfelt, yearning and hating good-bye."

Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven

Simple Plan

Kenny Chesney
Who You'd Be Today

Jessica Andrews
You Will Never Be Forgotten

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