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our young people from being hurt and killed in car crashes


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These obituaries are posted here to keep the information available to family, friends, and those who never knew them. These obituaries are posted to remind teens of the pain their loss can cost others. Families pay newspapers to post obituaries, but few can be found within a few weeks on the internet. Should a family desire that their loved ones obituary be removed from this list, or add one that is not listed, please contact me. Also, if you would like to add to, or change your child's obituary, please contact me. This service is free, so if you were unable to afford one earlier, please feel free to post one here.

Teen Obituaries 4th quarter 2006

Teen Obituaries 1st quarter 2007

Teen Obituaries 2nd quarter 2007

Teen Obituaries 3rd quarter 2007

Teen Obituaries 4th quarter 2007

Terry Peat Memorial

Travis Daniel Ruebel and Andrew Michael Schilling Memorial

To 18 year old Nikki Catsouras, and the family she left behind.

We pray you find the peace, the crash and the internet took away from you.