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There is an old saying "It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt". We could go on and on with perfectly good reasons why speeding is as risky as playing Russian Roulette with a pistol. Cemeteries are full of those who laughed off warnings about speeding. On this page, we let video's do the talking.

With thousands of hours of experience driving at high speed, race car drivers still get involved in high speed crashes. But, rarely is one of them killed. Why?

These men and women are racing on a course where as many of the street dangers have been removed as possible. Dangers like light poles, trees, culverts, shoulders, oncoming traffic, intersections, etc are gone. They are racing in a car that has had numerous extra safety features added to it, where millions of dollars have been spent to ensure the driver stays safe thru the inevitable crash. They are racing on a closed track where they share the track only with other professional drivers. If you can say the same - all of it - then go ahead - go for broke. If not - drive the speed limit. It's there for a reason.

Warning - Some of these videos are very graphic and intense - if you aren't old enough to drive, you shouldn't view them. If you have recently had a friend or loved one die, you shouldn't view them. If you think speeding is harmless, then look, learn, and live.

This video was posted as coming from a camera recording up to the moment of a fatal crash. We can't verify this information, but obviously something bad is bound to happen when a car pulls in front of the speeding car. Otherwise, its a trick show that makes a valid point. Notice all the pedestrians!

Speeding limits your reaction time - that is your ability to control a situation. The faster you drive, the less time you have to react. The faster you drive, the more momentum your vehicle has to overcome. The faster you drive, the odds of death increase. It's a simple fact of life......and death.

Notice the reaction time - it does not exist at high speeds

These two video's give remarkable example's of how easy it is to roll at high speed, and how only a few inches and a slight reaction determine a roll.

Left - Not sure what the driver was hoping to do for this crowd. Not only does he not pull off what he intended, but watch it a few times and notice how close he came to hurting some innocent people on the road.
Right - another nice car meets a tree

These incidents end where all involved are ok. But it very easily could have ended in tragedy. Two cars traveling at high speeds, and the front crashes.

This rally car driver was injured.

It "was" fun for a moment, but ended as expected

This driver is very lucky he didn't kill someone.