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Overcorrection can mean ejection

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In the state of Missouri, a leading type of fatal crashes, is what a police crash report defines as "overcorrection". Overcorrection is simply over steering in reaction to an event, and the loss of control , the reaction of the vehicle. Below is a video of what can happen when a driver over-corrects in a panic situation. The video was taken from a Michigan police dash camera. In the video, a car enters the highway from the right, and a vehicle in traffic reacts by moving abruptly to the left. This forces a driver in the left lane onto the shoulder. The driver over reacts, and over steers, trying to get back on the pavement. The video shows a classic case of overcorrection. Before viewing, please be advised the driver of the wrecked vehicle only suffered minor injuries, and she, and the police officer that witnessed the crash, credit the wearing of a seat belt with saving her life. Had she not been wearing her seat belt, she could have received serious injuries, or worse.

In this case, the driver steered onto the shoulder in reaction to a swerving car (that car did not stop and its driver was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident). Drivers usually find themselves on the shoulder after something else takes their attention off the road for a moment. Overcorrection accidents can happen on any type of road, but the narrow two lane country roads in Missouri are especially deadly. Major interstates have full shoulders to help protect a driver, but small country roads and highways leave little room for error and a driver can find themselves on a gravel shoulder or in the grass, in the blink of an eye.

To survive, memorize this. EASY OFF EASY OFF (remember the brand name product Easy-Off, forwards twice). Stay calm and easy. Don't let the momentary feeling of panic takeover your better judgement. Take your foot off the accelerator and ease the vehicle back onto the pavement. And keep your foot off the brake. The sudden sound of the tires going off the pavement, can be terrifying to the best and most experienced driver.  It is how the driver reacts, in what can only be described in a moment of panic, that will determine the outcome of this mistake. Remember, EASY OFF EASY OFF

In every aspect of life, mistakes happen. It is how you respond to life's mistakes that will determine if they can be a learning experience, or becomes a life changing event.