Operation Stop

our young people from being hurt and killed in car crashes

Stop means stop for your own good

Operation Stop
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About the Videos

There are many videos on the internet of the disastrous consequence of running a red light or stop sign. The one above, while appearing to be deadly, did not kill either the people in the car, nor the pedestrian. (More info on this video)

The two people in this car, running from police over a stolen lawn mower in their truck, did not survive this crash.

Do we really have to cover why you pull over for the police??

Never assume oncoming drivers will obey the light.

This happened in Missouri and cost 4 people their lives

According to internet reports, both driver and passenger survived this crash thanks to the extra safety gear rally drivers have.
Stop signs and traffic lights are not put on roadways to hinder you. They are there to protect you from deadly intersections. Let them.

Think it can't happen to you?

On November 6, 1963, a 17 year old girl and her friend were driving  on a road when she missed a stop sign doing about 50 mph, and struck another car. That car was driven by 17 year old Michael Dutton Douglas, a local high school athlete and well liked student. Upon being hit broadside, Michael was thrown from his car and died immediately. The crash was witnessed by his father, who had been following in another car. The girls were rushed to a local hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries. An investigation determined it was an unfortunate accident, and no charges were filed. It was a tragedy that many small American towns have, and will, experience nearly everyday.

For years now, there have been many that have tried to make a lot more of this particular accident. In reality, it only took a second of not paying attention, to make a deadly mistake. A young man was dead, and another was left with the guilt of taking another's life. To this day, that young girl refuses to talk about the crash, even with close friends. That young girl's name is Laura Welch, better known today as First Lady Laura Bush.

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