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Hilltoppin' in Missouri

or catching a little sky is a quick way to die

Another rally car crash after topping a hill.

Co-driver gets spooked when driver almost loses it cresting a hill.

Article from 2000 about hill-topping in MO

Hill-topping from an engineers perspective ("Many things can happen while a car is airborne that can cause problems after landing.")

2008 started on a bad note when 5 days into the new year, 4 young men from the Springfield area were killed in a hilltopping crash. In June, another 16 year old from West Plains was killed doing the same thing. It is suspected as the cause in other teen crash death's  in 2008. Numerous teens have died over the years seeking this cheap, deadly thrill. Hilltopping, or hilltoppin' as it is called in the Ozarks, is simply topping a hill at excessive speed, in the hopes of getting some "air time", a period when the tires leave the pavement. The faster the speed, the more potential the driver might go airborne. The faster the speed, the better the odds of a deadly crash. That isn't said to con you, or scare you. It is just one of the  more basics laws of physics.

In rally circuits, where vehicles have been modified to take the extra forces associated with the landings, it is called hill-jumping, or "yumping". 

Here is a rally driver who achieved some serious air time, with the outcome.

The parents of 19 year old Mathieu Perron have posted the video of their son's self made movie of a hilltopping crash he did not survive, in the hopes others will learn from his mistake.

A young lady cheats death in another hilltopping crash - One second the 13 year old Strafford teen was heading to town with three others to pick up a movie. The next, she was laying in a field with a two inch steel fence pole stuck thru her belly, asking a fireman "Am I going to die?". All thought she would. Strafford 2004

Operation Stop