Operation Stop

our young people from being hurt and killed in car crashes

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Operation Stop
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About the Videos

The web is full of extremely graphic crash video's and we make every attempt to be sensitive to younger viewers when deciding which to link to. Some of the video's contained on this site may be tough to watch. Video's showing obvious scenes of graphic death are not included.

Unlike the US, many countries use "shock commercials" to get the attention of their audience. Some of these are very graphic, but we don't believe our teens are any more sensitive, or should be any more sheltered than other young people of the world. Other traffic safety advocates in America apparently agree, as we get more enquiries on their source than any other. It's a simple message. Traffic crashes are preventable, and teens deserve to live a long happy life.

Video's are added to this site for a couple of reasons. First, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a book when trying to make a point. Second, we not only want teens to visit this site, but spend some time, and hopefully 'understand' the point we attempt to make. There are numerous sites teens can visit, all saying the same thing. We just try a different approach...in the hopes it will reach someone.

Most of the video's on this site are hot-linked from YouTube, Google Video, or Vodpod. There are numerous other video sites, but we find many of these host advertisement of questionable, or objectionable material, that your teen doesn't need to see. They probably will, or have already, but it won't be because of this site. If you find a video on the site that you think is inappropriate for young viewers, please let us know which one and why. We don't guarantee we will remove it, but we respect the opinions of those who treat us with respect. Also, if you find a video that is no longer working, please let us know. People upload these video's, then cancel their accounts, and video's will quit functioning. There are usually other copies available, and we just need to change the codes. 

After reviewing the video's for yourself, please sit down and share those with your teen that you feel would be helpful to them.