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One of the lamest excuses you will ever hear in life is "I could drown or burn to death in a crash; so I don't wear a seat belt". Obviously these genius' haven't watched the television show "Fear Factor" lately. If you haven't, maybe you should as a good reminder. Watch how secure the contestants are when they are dropped inside a car into water. And if you think about it - it makes total sense. If you are involved in a crash, the one thing you don't want, is to be knocked senseless. If you are groggy and can't get your bearings, or have been knocked out, guess what will happen to you if your car sinks in water, or catches fire.

Here are the facts - Your seat belt is your guardian angel. Your chances of surviving a crash, any crash, are up to 70% better if you are wearing a seat belt. Period. There will always be those who argue the fact, and there are also those that will argue the earth is flat.

So, you say prove it. Ok, let's go to Google News. I type in "teens killed" inside paranthesis' and here is what the news tells today, August 5th, 2006. (You can check it anyday. Names and places will be different but regretfully, the story is the same anytime of the year)

8/5 McDonald County, Missouri - 2 Missouri teens killed (shown below) and 3 others serious when 2006 Chevy Forkum runs off road, over corrects, and overturns. None of the 5 were wearing seat belts and all ejected from vehicle.

8/2 Fort Payne, Alabama - 3 Tennessee teens killed (shown below) and 2 more injured when their 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe runs into the woods , strikes numerous trees and overturns multiple times. Unable to find seat belt info but one of the killed was ejected, and another partially ejected. Driver fell asleep. Police Chief David Walker told KNOX "There was evidence of seat-belt use, but it didn't matter in this one"(police report here)

8/2 Springville, Utah - 3 Utah teens killed (shown below) and 2 more injured when their 2004 Ford Mustang collided head on with a 99 Suburban. The 2 teens in the front, were wearing seat belts and not only survived, but were released shortly after from the hospital with only minor injuries. The 3 teens in the rear were not wearing their seat belts and all perished. Two of them were thrown thru the windshield.

8/2 Jasper, Indiana - 18 year old charged with reckless homicide in June 19th crash that killed his sister and two other girls, all in the back seat of an extended cab pickup, with two others injured. Driver tried to pass on the right, lost control and struck a tree. No seat belt information is given.

7/29 Oil City Derrick, Pennsylvania - 2 Pennsylvania teens killed when their car comes into contact with another and looses control. Neither was wearing a seat belt and both were ejected.

7/29 Bogalusa, Louisiana - 2 Loisiana teens (shown below) killed when teen driver loses control and hits a pole. No seatbelt info given but both were ejected.

7/28  Port Chester, New York - 2 York teens killed when the car they are riding in hits a light pole. No seat belt info was given. Three others injured.

These are just crashes that involved multiple teen deaths over the past week. The vast majority of teen crashes do not involve multiple deaths. Check Google News using the following search +"teen" +"killed" +"crash"

Here is a one final fact for you. Nearly 7 in 10 people on the road today will buckle up. Yet two out of three people killed in a car crash today, made the wrong choice, and will not be wearing their seat belt.

It only takes a second to crash - and only a second to buckle up. It's simple math.

1 crash plus 1 belt = 2 for second chance possibility. 1 crash minus 1 belt = zero.

Your decision.

Your choice.

And your life.


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If you aren't going to take a moment to fasten your seatbelt, please take a moment and fill out your organ donor' card.